About The Logan Group

After years as a real estate agent, Brian Holt started The Logan Group as a homage to his newborn son. A perfect example of it’s never about him…it’s about the others around him. This is the approach that the whole TLG team takes. It’s all about you, our client, and your needs.

The Logan Group combines years of real estate experience with over a decade of experience from both the design world and the hospitality industry. TLG takes pride in their “my pleasure” approach to real estate, a keen eye for design. and innovative big city marketing plans. Brian and the team spare no expense and leave no stone unturned when helping you buy, sell or even lease a home. Whether it’s pulling out the drone for some aerial videos to help market your home or bringing in a food truck for your open house, the team believes in the whatever it takes approach.

The Logan Group is also a full service ‘Broker Concierge’, helping out clients in a multitude of ways beyond just buying and selling a home. Through the relationships they have built over the years, TLG is h1ere to connect you with their trusted local vendors and connections throughout the Triangle. Need a connection? Just ask, as they probably have one! Bottom line at The Logan Group...it's all comes down to people helping people.

From Brian

Like many others in the Triangle, I was not born here but got here as fast as he could. I'm a southern boy through and through. From Georgia to Austin (hook ’em), Texas to the Virgin Islands and then northbound to Raleigh (a natural progression in my opinion), I can proudly say I have found home!

I don't need a top ten list to tell me how great Raleigh is. I live it every day! There is such a great energy that has emerged in the area over the last number of years and it's contagious. I love being a part of it and hope you do as well!

If you are looking to sell your home, my years of real estate experience coupled with a background in interior design and marketing will allow me to showcase your home in it's best light and market it in very creative ways to potential buyers. I often like to say that I own a marketing firm that just happens to sell real estate.

I pride myself on Ritz Carlton service not only to buyers and sellers but to renters as well.  That's right ... at The Logan Group, we treat someone who is looking to lease an apartment just as if they were buying a $500,000 home. Whether you are looking for a 12-month lease while you get a feel for the city, upgrading to a great high rise on Fayetteville St or looking to retire in Mordecai I would be honored to play a role.

And although TLG specializes in properties 'Inside the Beltline' and downtown Raleigh, I am more than happy to expand the search as you see fit.  It's your world, I'm just living in it.


- Brian

Real Estate Agent Brian Holt
Brian Holt

From Kate

I arrived on the Raleigh downtown scene in 2012 after making a circle around the country - from Florida, to Kentucky, to Los Angeles, and back across the country to home! I couldn’t be luckier to have landed in Raleigh, where I feel like I was always meant to be. I fell in love with all that the downtown area had to offer back then, and have truly enjoyed seeing how it continues to grow and amaze us all each day.

In my former life as a CPA, I started with the Big 4 and made my way to some of RTP’s major corporations. But, something was missing… I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, to somehow contribute to their happiness, and to help people in something that matters. A role and career in real estate was always in the back of my mind, so I decided to jump ship and join The Logan Group, and I couldn’t be happier!

In addition to being Brian’s “utility infielder”, I have the good fortune to work with both buyers and renters, not only in Downtown Raleigh and Inside The Beltline, but throughout the Triangle. I feel truly honored to have the opportunity to help people on one of life’s most important transactions.

Can’t wait to meet you!

- Kate

Kate Haney
Kate Haney