Relocating to North Carolina

Looking to relocate to the Triangle? Can't say we blame ya, and you’re not alone either. Each day, 85 people are moving to Wake County for a multitude of reasons. The Triangle constantly finds its communities on top ten lists ranging from “Best Place to do Business” to “Best Place to Raise a Family”. Whether you are drawn to our genuine southern charm or our idyllic weather, we tend to agree with all the publications that the Raleigh area is a phenomenal place to call home.

At The Logan Group, our goal is to help you understand which part of the Triangle is right for you. We will work together to understand your needs and desires not only for what you want in a home but what you want in a community. TLG strives to provide the boots-on-the-ground insight and expertise that you just can't find online and at a time where you need it the most.

Advantages of Buying

  • There are instances in which the cost of ownership can be less than renting.
  • The buyer has control of the property and realizes that the acquisition of the home is a capital gain.
  • The buyer has “forced” savings, which can be important when the buyer pays down the balance by a substantial amount.
  • The buyer experiences tax advantages. Up to $10,000 in property taxes and interest on up to $750,000 of mortgage debt can be itemized for tax deductions.
  • The buyer experiences personal freedom by being able to redecorate, remodel, or make improvements as they see fit.
  • The buyer experiences fewer restrictions. There are a fewer number of rules that the homebuyer must abide by, which includes restrictions as far as pets, children, and noise goes.
  • When mortgage payments are made on time, the homeowner can achieve a better credit rating.

Advantages of Leasing

  • The upfront cost to lease is less money. The funds that would normally be used toward a down payment or higher mortgage payments can be invested into savings accounts that may give higher returns.
  • Renters have a limited responsibility because they do not have to take care of home repairs. The landlord is responsible for most repair costs.
  • The renter has less of a tax impact on their financial situation. The renter is not impacted by such items as property taxes that can fluctuate.
  • The renter may be able to budget easier. Rent is an amount that is fixed and may even include utilities in the rental amount. A fixed amount can allow the renter to set a budget easier because the renting cost is set.
  • The renter has more mobility and flexibility to move since leases tend to be short-term, 3-15 months.
  • Insurance costs are lower for renters because the renter only needs to insure the contents of the rental property and not the structure itself.


The Osbornes

The Osborne's 

Working with Brian was a real pleasure! Best of all, it was really easy. Brian does a great job of coordinating all the moving pieces involved. The whole process was much less stressful knowing that I had a realtor I could trust 100% to get the job done right.


This was the first time I worked with Brian and I couldn't be happier with my whole experience! He was patient and calm and made the stressful process of both selling my house and buying my new house at the same time seem effortless. He's also very connected & can help with recommendations for local contractors, painters, etc. Brian helped me get into my dream home downtown and I'd highly recommend working with him and his team.

Eric and OlgaEric and Olga

Brian Holt made our condo sale and house purchase a 5-star experience! He is very professional, thoughtful and goes the extra mile to make us feel comfortable about our decisions. With our home purchase, he took care of everything for us. It was an extremely easy process, he helped arrange everything for us and it was the most enjoyable purchasing experience I have been though.

Summer and KirkSummer and Kirk

Brian is by far the best Realtor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is reliable, friendly, and communicates with you well.

Hunting for a place can be a long and grueling roller coaster, but Brian helped make the process "easy breezy". I found a place on Brian's website, and within a month I was moved in and decorating my new home. He is the man to see in North Carolina if you are in the market for a home or rental.

Mike and MaydaMike and Mayda

Brian Holt is an absolute professional in the real estate industry! He provided our family expertise, guidance, and reassurance throughout the entire buying and selling of both our properties. His patience and diligence were unbelievable, given some of the challenges we faced. He is the most honest and reliable broker we have ever worked with. He has changed any negative perceptions we had about real estate buyer/seller agents. Brian will earn your business.

Jared and Ginger TestimonialJared and Ginger

What we loved most about working with Brian was his ability listen and visualize what we were looking for in a home. Although he makes it look effortless, Brian is extremely hard working and will rest at nothing until you find the home of your dreams. We have recommended him time and time again to anyone who asks for recommendations for a realtor. He is compassionate, ambitious, professional, and we can honestly say there is no one else like him.

Mark and ErinMark and Erin 

Good friends of ours recommended Brian to us and we couldn't have been more pleased! Brian has a keen eye for detail, is very responsive, and a pleasure to work with. We felt that he understood our likes and dislikes when looking at a new property and he ended finding the perfect home for us in Raleigh! Brian also cares deeply about his clients and knows that shopping for a new home is one of the toughest and existing decisions an individual or couple makes. He makes the process a breeze by truly being your ally in helping make your home-buying dreams come true!